key points

KTM "Euro" Tail Section


Slimming up the the tail section is a must do if you will be riding any sort of off-road single track. OEM tail light with Sicass Racing flush mount turn signals. 

Fastway Footpegs


Fastway footpegs allow for more comfort and stability when riding in all situations. The Hammerhead shifter completes the package.

More Air Flow


Letting the motor breath better helps a ton but this must be used with an oiled foam filter!

Cyclops Adv. Sports


Best bang for your buck with this Cyclops LED headlight upgrade!

Warm Hands


More comfortable grips with heating elements under them is a nice luxury. The slim switch from Sicass allows you to turn your headlight off as well.

Weight Savings


Save over 4LBS with replacing just this one part, plus more cranking amps too. 

Heated grip switch


To save space on the bars we decided to place the switch for the heated grips on the side up by the key switch. 

UNI foam air filter


A must have if you have the vented air box lid or if you do any off road riding.

Sicass Racing


Great looking hand guards with built in LED blinkers. 

KTM Hard Parts


The KTM skid plate is the perfect blend of strength & looks without being overly bulky.

Rekluse Auto Clutch


If you haven't ridden a bike with a Rekluse you are missing out! It helps with stalling, corner speed, tight/technical trails and so much more! 

Seat Concepts


The wider seating area is further back on this model. The added width and foam density will help keep the seat from being an item to stop you from going on that ride or enjoying the bike. 



FMF did make a 4.1 slip on exhaust but It required using a mix of brackets & bolts to make it work. They are not available any more. Now we are using Leo Vince. It is very good looking & sounds great!

Carbon Parts


Amongst some of the finishing touches included carbon fiber heat shields, Hammerhead billet shifter & billet oil filter cover.

Giant Loop


Giant Loop set us up with the perfect middle of the road bag. Big enough for overnight trips but not too big to where it's awkward.

Attention to details


Knowing from experience, grind off the sharp edge of the clip nut at the base of the radiator. If you don't and tip over, it can puncture your radiator!

Nomadic Rack


Nomadic Racks makes a very simple yet robust rear rack/plate. It has numerous strapping points plus will accept a RotoPax mount for more fuel storage.

Cyclops LED Headlight


By far the best headlight upgrade you can do for the least amount of money!