OMA-KTM's 1090 Adventure R Ultimate Build


This motorcycle is KTM's most offroad-capable ADVENTURE model. With that being said, we wanted to make it even better but not loose any of it capabilities. Our main goals were to make it light as possible, run cooler, and able to tackle the tightest single track or the most open highways. With the quick release luggage, folding mirrors and the swap of a seat, the 1090 can be a totally different bike in minuets!


Off-Road Ready


Travel/Touring Ready


Evotech Headlight Guard


 Evotech Performance headlight guards fit like original factory equipment should, using the existing mountings and requires no modification to your KTM 1190 Adventure. Weighs only 125g!

Evotech Skid Plate


We wanted to save weight with this build. Evotech has the lightest skid plate available for the 1090! It looks great and still offers good protection.

Evotech Radiator Guard


The elegantly designed hexagonal holes to optimize airflow whilst providing maximum protection from road debris. Weighing in at only 220g. 

Fastway Evo Air Adv. Pegs


Don't waiste time or money on the other brands of footpegs out there! Fastway ADV. pegs are straight up the best out there!

Seat Concepts Super Grip


 Although this seat is not any lower than stock, it is narrowed at the critical area between the knees which gives a much straighter reach to the ground for those times when you need to dab. 

Cycra Ultra Probend CRM


Metal handguards are a must have for any serious off-road riding. Cycra makes the best looking/functional guard out there.

KTM Hard Parts


This quick action racing fuel cap makes re-fueling a breeze. Depending on your local crime rate, it might not be the best add on. But it sure looks great!

Double Take


Again, hands down the best folding mirror in the business. Lifetime warranty on the glass too! 

Leo Vince


Leo Vince makes a great looking exhaust for a very affordable price. It sounds as good as it looks!

Dyno Jet


Power Commander V (PCV) is by far the most comprehensive way to properly and easily tune the fuel delivery of your fuel injected motorcycle, and it goes well beyond just tuning alone. 

Auto Tune


 When paired with a Powercommander V, the Auto Tune module will constantly sample the AFR's (Air Fuel Ratios) in your exhaust gasses via the included Bosche wide band O2's. 

Rottweiler Intake


Don't let the stock airbox get you down and ruin your ride, the Rottweiler Intake System for the KTM Adventure is here to protect your bike and boost performance substantially. 

Stage 3 SAS/Canister Removal Kit


In addition to making the bike run better, the kit also saves 2.5 Lbs, gives you more room for tools under the seat, and cleans up the engine area. 

Arrow Racing Header w/Ceramic Coating


The Arrow Racing Header eliminates the heavy and heat soaked catalytic converter and the ceramic coating GREATLY reduces the amount of heat from the headers.

Cyclops LED Bulb Replacement Kit


With everything stripped off, now was the perfect time to hook up the heated grips, LED lights, signals & USB power port.

Giant Loop Luggage


Waterproof, lightweight, super stable and built to take the punishment of off-road riding, the Round The World (RTW) Panniers deliver 90+ liters of packable volume and weigh just 13 pounds.  

Givi Trekker Top Case


With 42L of storage it offers plenty of room for helmets, jackets and whatever else doesn't fit in the saddlebags. The back pad works great for passengers too. 

KTM Ergo Heated Seat


For better two up riding, the 2-piece ergo heated seat was the best choice. Plenty of comfort for the long hauls and the heat is a great luxury. 

Here is 8 min. of pure throttle on a wide open whooped out road. Turn the volume up and enjoy!