About the build


The Idea

It all started when a good customer of ours wanted his new 500 EXC loaded up with everything imaginable. I asked what sort of theme he wanted. "I like black" he says. From there on I knew what to do. 

We have already done a few bike builds with the EXC's in the past so I had a good idea of the parts we were going to use. It was just a matter of choosing the right color options so nothing clashed. We didn't want to just "blackout" the entire bike, that's too easy and played out. This had to be tastefully done. 

The List

  • Fastway EVO Air footpegs (black)
  • Hammerhead shifter
  • Hammerhead billet rear brake lever
  • Acerbis X-Grip frame guards
  • Acerbis front disk cover (black)
  • Acerbis 3.1 gallon tank (black)
  • Acerbis black plastic kit (O.E.M. Shrouds were used)
  • Acerbis skid plate
  • D'cor Seat cover
  • Cycra Ultra handguards
  • Scotts steering damper kit. Sub mount w/BRP rubber mount & Clean Speed cable routing
  • Double Take mirror with Ram mounting
  • Moose clutch & brake levers (black)
  • Moose heated grips
  • ODI Rogue grips
  • Sicass Racing EZ-Fit tail section w/flush mount blinkers
  • Sicass Racing slim mulit-switch
  • FMF Factory 4.1 RCT Muffler (titanium w/carbon end cap)
  • Dirt Tricks Zirconium rear sprocket 
  • Renthal R33 O-ring chain
  • Bolt rear sprocket kit (black)
  • TM Design SX chain slider (orange)
  • KTM Hard Parts rear grab handle 
  • KTM Hard Parts rear disk guard (orange)
  • KTM Hard Parts swingarm guards
  • KTM Hard Parts clutch cover (orange)
  • KTM Hard Parts WP fork protection sticker (black)
  • KTM Hard Parts valve stem covers (orange)
  • KTM Hard Parts lower fork protectors
  • Rekluse Radius CX auto clutch
  • Pirelli XCMH D.O.T tires
  •  Zeta alloy bolt kit (orange)

Finshed Product

All in all this build went very good. The only snag was that no one makes a black headlight mask. Luckily our local graphics company was able to make us up a background graphic for the headlight mask. Everything else went together smoothly. To say the customer was pretty stoked to see his new bike for the first time was an understatement! Also I didn't share any sneak peeks during the build. The icing on the cake was taking him and his good friend for a ride the following week and being able to see this beautiful project bike put to good use and ridden like it was intended to be ridden! 




Acerbis 3.1 gallon tank is the perfect in-between size. Looks & fits great. The black Acerbis plastic kit really ties it all together. 

FMF Factory 4.1


Opening up the exhaust is a must. FMF's Factory 4.1 Ti/Carbon slip on is a true work of art.  

Scotts Steering Stabilizer


The Scotts steering stabilizer w/rubber BRP mount keeps things smooth and under control.

Foot controls


Fastway Evo Air pegs with Hammerhead shifter/brake pedal complement each other very well.

LED upgrade


Sicass Racing makes the best products to clean up the stock lights & signals. 



Dirt Tricks makes one of the longest lasting sprockets! Pair that with the Renthal R3-3 chain and you have strength & beauty! 

TM Design


TM Design Works makes some of the best bike protection products around!

Skid plate


Acerbis makes a great looking skid plate that covers all the vital organs of the bike.



KTM Hard Parts swingarm guard and rear disk guard look great together and protects just as good.



Pirellei XC MH DOT tires. KTM Hard Parts lower fork guards and the anodized Zeta bolt kit really sets it off!

Cycra Ultra CRM Handguards


Cycra handguards are the best looking, fitting and performing guards out there!

Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards


Acerbis X-Grip frame guards look and feel great! The KTM Hard Parts clutch cover finishes it off.